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Digital Marketing & Other Digital Services

We offer a wide variety of online and digital services which includes designing websites, online forms, online advocacy campaigns, customized social media campaigns, custom programs, mobile apps, web apps, analytics, and so much more.

Online Advocacy & PushPolitics Plugin

We specialize in the formulation of politically motivated campaigns.  Whether it be social activism, advocating a new law, or seeking funding from various levels of government, we can  help you formulate a well-balanced and cost-effective plan to help elicit the results you seek getting your message out.


With our new PushPolitics Plugin we connect your audience directly to their Federal, Provincial, or Municipal representative right at the push of a button.  Online advocacy has never been easier!


Click here to see our demo in action.

PushPolitics Online Advocacy - Digital Engagement - Find your MP, MPP, MLA and Senator
PushPolitics Online Advocacy - Plan and prepare your messaging

Content Creation & Messaging

Let our experienced representatives guide you through the process of building a visible and effective campaign.  We help set goals and milestones and define results through various metrics and analytics.  With gifted writers and support staff, we create a focused and bilingual message with an intuitive platform that enables easy interaction between the public and your constituents.

Social Media & Analytics

Millions of people use social media to communicate daily.   Audiences are staggering and continue to increase!  We make use of social media to get your message out.  From Twitter accounts and Facebook pages to Google+ and Instagram, we use all popular social media platforms to bring your message to your constituents and the world.  Social media is a powerful tool; we make sure you can maximize its full potential.


Remember, what makes campaigns effective?  Measurable results!  We track and monitor everything to deliver the latest stats on your campaign.  See for yourself what’s working (and what isn’t!), and hone your message based on quantified feedback.